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Quinta da Malaca

Quinta da Malaca


A Portuguese surprise

When it comes to Portuguese wine regions, there are few people that identifies Algarve as a wine producer.

It is still an unknown wine region for many, but this project highlights for its unique wines, produced with typical grape varieties from this region, such as Crato Branco and Negra Mole.

The climate, the sandy soil and the sea breeze makes these wines an extraordinary experience.

Quinta da Malaca
Quinta da Malaca


Region: Algarve
Area: 20 hectares
Varieties: Castelão, Negra Mole, Crato Branco, Sauvignon Blanc e Alicante Bouschet
Foundation: 2010


Malaca Crato Branco
Malaca Sauvignon Blanc
Malaca Rosé
Malaca Castelão
Vale da Parra
Malaca Reserva Aragonês
Malaca Reserva Sauvignon Blanc