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Salads and Wines

11 de August, 2022

Summer, beach, light lunches, late dinners with friends… it all seems perfect and the hard part is letting go of this life, isn’t it? Yes, but not only.

There are also those who find it difficult to combine light lunches, mostly salads, with wines. But it is not and we are going to demystify it.

First, a salad goes well with white wine, vinho verde, red wine, with rosé and with sparkling wines (and not just with light whites and vinho verde, as they say). The ideal is that they are young wines, of course, and they have to be served at the right temperature (which almost always implies that the red wine is also cooled down to 16º or 18º degrees).

Another tip is that when combining salads with wines, avoid sauces with excess vinegar (the acidity of vinegar can conflict with the wine), as well as arugula and artichokes. If you don’t want to give up the vinegar, opt for a quality balsamic, more aged. Use olive oil at will, they are always good.

Here are some suggestions:

Fresh fruit salads (mango, pear, peach, avocado, grapes…) and dried fruit (cashew, walnut, raisin, etc.) go very well with smooth, elegant red wines, such as a Pinot Noir or our Alentejo blend Jaburu.

The famous Ceasar salad pairs perfectly with a Baga rosé wine or a Chardonnay white wine.

A grilled vegetable salad, with feta cheese and quinoa, will look extraordinary with a raw sparkling wine.

Try our suggestions. You don’t have to give up your glass of wine just because your feet are in the sand.