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Small and medium sized wine producers “on the verge of bankruptcy”

16 de August, 2022

“The continued increase in the prices of raw materials, bottling materials, transport and costs in general, is bringing many small and medium-sized wine producers to the brink of bankruptcy”. It is the alert of the National Association of Traders and Exporters of Wines and Spirits (ANCEVE) which emphasizes being in permanent contact with the sector and having no doubts that the current situation is “dramatic”.

“The price of fuel has skyrocketed. Agricultural diesel, such a sensitive product for agri-food, increased from €0.83 to almost €1.80 per litre. It makes no sense that the State charges so many taxes in this area” says ANCEVE in a statement sent to Hipersuper.

“Fertilizers and other essential agricultural materials have more than doubled. Electricity has gone up exponentially. Cardboard boxes rose 125%, from €400.00 to more than €900.00 per thousand. Bottles have already gone up four times this year, from €0.18 in 2021 to €0.27 in 2022, a 50% increase for a standard bottle. Labels also rose 50%. The corks 20%. Capsules 30%. All suppliers now charge producers for the transport of materials, which was previously included in the prices. And they started to demand from small and medium producers payment on delivery, not granting deadlines, as was the case before” it can also be read.

Source: Hipersuper