Quinta do Souvall Reserve Red

Open ruby color, elegant and delicate aroma. At the beginning, discreet fruit, fresh and balsamic on the nose, then on the palate, more complex, moderately structured, with notes of toasted bread cocoa and spices. Finishes something minty, long, fresh and unusually saline.

Quinta do Souvall Reserve White

Pale straw yellow color, clean and fine aroma of white flowers, jasmine, orange leaves and blossoms, then tropical pineapple, all simple, direct and delicate. In the mouth, broad, persistent, crunchy, finishes fresh, acidic and lemony with subtle nuances of lightly toasted almonds.

Quinta do Souvall Alvinho Red

Ruby color with brick reflections, aroma that suggests blackberries and very ripe blueberries at the beginning, then some tobacco leaves and
spices. Medium mouth structure in perfect balance with the alcohol content. Finishes long and fresh, with a retro-nasal suggestion of
nutmeg and white pepper.

Quinta do Souvall Alvinho White

Moderately alcoholic, lemon yellow color. Aromas of stone fruit, peach and apricot, something vegetal. Fresh, long and lemony
aftertaste. It is delicate and balanced. Light but with personality.

Quinta Do Souvall

Vineyard cultivation and wine production is clearly a centuries-old tradition of the Ferraz family.

The family owns approximately 20 ha of vineyards, of which around 5 ha in the parish of Horta do Douro, municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, in the middle of the Douro Superior, and the remaining 15 ha, in Vale Flor, a centuries-old parish in the municipality of Mêda, which belongs to the Beira Interior Wine Region with a Protected and Regulated Designation of Origin for mountain viticulture.