Gin Canning’s

Made on the island of Madeira, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Canning’s Gin recipe includes plants from the endemic Laurissilva forest (considered in 1999 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site). The addition of the purest water from the mountains, notes of passion fruit, pitanga and other exotic fruits give it a unique and delicate flavor Canning’s Gin won the gold medal, in a blind tasting, from the International Wine and Spirits in London, attesting to the its quality and placing it among the best Gins in the World.

Bitter Almond Liquor Amen

It is a young, relaxed and bold drink.
It is a liqueur of limpid aspect, marked by softness, sweet but with a final bitterness of almond very balanced.
Should be served chilled with lemon and ice.
To drink alone, with friends or family, before or after meals. Basically, whenever you like.