Chão Rijo Red

This wine results from a careful vinification by the classic “tanning” process, fermentation in stainless steel tanks with temperature control. The aging process took place over 1 year, passing the wine through small oak barrels.

Chão Rijo White

This wine results from a careful vinification through the classic “open spout” process, with total destemming and immediate pressing. The resulting wort was cooled and statically decanted overnight. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks with temperature control.

Arenae Ramisco

When young, it has a ruby color and great tannin aggressiveness, characteristics that fade as it ages. Very characteristic nose of the variety, related to sour cherry and light cedar resin. In the mouth it has an Atlantic and balsamic character. Dry and austere texture with a strong mineral acidity.

Arenae Malvasia

Medium intensity yellow color. Citrus and baked apple notes. Herbal sensation (aniseed and honey). Medium body, sweet and sour, very fresh
and pleasant. With ageing, the wine loses a little of its initial fresh style, retaining the elements that make it unique. The aromas become more
distinct with the emergence of toasted notes of dried fruit, iodine, wax and hay.

Adega Regional de Colares

Adega Regional de Colares

The oldest cooperative winery of the country

Founded in 1931, it is the country’s oldest wine cooperative.

Presently, it gathers most of the producers of the Demarcated Region of Colares, and the wines that produces are unique, with a very particular profile.

Wines that benefit with long wood aging in small barrels of exotic wood, which gives them and unparalleled elegance.