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How to pair wine and cheese

10 de May, 2022

Not all of us are excellent sommeliers, and when choosing a wine to drink or to suggest to a client, it’s always good to have our cheat sheets.

If there’s something that matches perfectly, whether summer or winter, it’s wine and cheese. We present some suggestions for harmonization so that you can savor these moments in all their fullness.

Fresh Cheeses (Chévre, Mozzarella, goat cheese) – White and light wines. Grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Alvarinho and Sauvignon Blanc.

Semi-hard cheeses (Gouda or Emmental) – Aromatic and young white wines, very fruity rosé (Pinot Noir) or light reds (Merlot).

Intense cheeses (Roquefort, Silton or Gorgonzola) – aged wines such as Madeira Wines or Port Wines. The older the wine, the more intense the cheese can be.

Hard cheeses (Parmesan or Manchego) – full-bodied red wines. These cheeses are generally associated with longer curing processes. As this process continues, the cheeses decrease their water content, becoming more concentrated, rich and intense. This concentration of flavors is perfectly associated with some red wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

Queijo de S. Jorge – Aromatic white wine, with some acidity and freshness; Port wine, whether white or tawny.

Queijo da Serra da Estrela – Wine with more structure, to match its fat content, like a Madeira Wine or a Port Wine.

Azeitão cheese with a semi-soft paste and with a spicy and unctuous touch – young and fresh white wines or a good sparkling wine.